Black Panther Movie Pounces, Confuses and Contradicts

The delicacy of Black Panther‘s social justice warriorism clashes with its sporadic sense of fun, suctioning the conflict of any sense of good versus evil.


The Merchant of Mars

The head of NASA convinces the President that space exploration should be done by private industry, and the United States government declares, “The first person to land on Mars, live there a year, and return alive owns the whole Red Planet.”

Three Big Strings of Empties – Calumet “K”, Chapter 3

III. Next morning at eight o'clock Charlie Bannon walked into the office of C. H. Dennis, the manager of the Ledyard Salt and Lumber Company. "I'm Bannon," he said, "of MacBride & Company. Come up to see why you don't get out our bill of cribbing." "Told you by...

A Devil of a Lot of Wheat – Calumet “K”, Chapter 2

II. The five o'clock whistle had sounded, and Peterson sat on the bench inside the office door, while Bannon washed his hands in the tin basin. The twilight was already settling; within the shanty, whose dirty, small-paned windows served only to indicate the lesser...